Golf Fitness Training

The only way to develop more power and consistency in your golf swing is making golf performance & fitness training a priority.

Here are the many benefits:

  • Swing with less effort and consistently drive the ball farther.
  • Play multiple days or 18 holes without major fatigue or stiffness.
  • Improve your strength in golf muscles (core & glutes) for controlled power and prevent injuries, especially lower back.
  • Learn the correct movement swing patterns performed by the pros using the ground effectively to create speed.
  • Gain a competitive edge on your competition.
  • Feel better and perform better on the course!

Golf Performance Personal Training (1:1 or partner)

  • Offered Year Round
  • 45 Minute Golf Performance Training Sessions
  • 5 or 10 session training package – $300 / $500 paid upfront

Golf Performance Fitness Training Session Format

Part 1: Functional Golf Systems 3DMAPS, Impact Performance Zone, and Pivots for warm-up as well as improve golf specific movement patterns (10 Minutes).

Part 2: Golf Fitness Training Process: Stability, Balance, Strength, Endurance, & Power Training (35 minutes)

Each area of focus (part) can change on the amount of time based on how the client is feeling, time of year (in season or off season), and the area or skill they are weakest.