24/7 Access Subscription

24 Hour access to the facility 7 days a week

$99 / Month & $10 per Additional Family Member per Month


  • Keyless Entry – 24 Hour Access to Golf Fitness Area, Simulators, Training Aids, & Two Indoor Putting Green.
  • Work on your body, swing, and skills in a controlled environment on your own time frame.
  • Practice with feedback using Uneekor Technology and training aids to speed up the learning process.
  • Book a hitting bay up to 2 hours through USchedule and practice or play 18 Holes on any of the top golf courses in the world using GSPRO software.

Off-Season Program (Starts November 1st) 

$600 Paid Up-Front

Includes: Body & Swing Assessment as well as everything in 24/7 Access Subscription above.

For golfers who only want 24/7 Access to facility during the winter months.


Majority of golfers never experience long term success because they aren’t practicing effectively with feedback, and they don’t follow https://swsgolf.com/the-process/.

It is expensive to create the same environment at your home without coaching. The 24/7 Access Subscription solves this problem.

Client must follow and agree to the rules and sign a waiver to have 24/7 Access to the facility.

The 24/7 Access subscription is only offered to clients who follow the golf performance process and are working with a 24/7 Golf Performance Coach.

*Please Read*

*There is a 30 Day evaluation to see if subscriber is a good fit and following the process with a 24/7 Golf Performance coach to determine if their subscription remains active and they can continue to have 24/7 access to the facility to practice. We want to make sure our clients who are following the process and rules of the facility get priority and are able to use the facility to practice and improve with feedback.